bearj0354427.gifConstable Wall came to visit us.

Here is some of the writing we did after Constable wall came to see us .

The police came to Grant’s Braes school and Mrs P put on the handcuffs. We got to put on the handcuffs too. But when they find the baddies they put them in jail. I like police. They are really kind.

The police car was noisy. The police man takes away silly boys.DSCF6646.JPG DSCF6647.JPG
I love the Constable Wall. He had a walkie-talkie.

I like Constable Wall and he has a walkie-talkie and he has hand cuffs.

I saw the police car. I said to the police, “ How do you get the hand cuffs off Mrs Priemus ? “
Police came to school. The police car was loud. The police man had a walkie talkie. He put Mrs P in handcuffs.
The Police came to school. We asked questions. The Police had a gun. I don’t know if he has used it. The police is Mia’s dad and room 8 came to room 7. It was fun. Police has come before. I like police officers. They protect people that are not baddies. They go to jail. They have a badge.

Constable Wall.
I love the police. They are so nice they help me. They will always be around all the time and police men are good with bad people and take them to jail. It’s not funny. They are bad and in jail.

In the morning a police called Constable Wall came to room seven. We asked Constable wall questions about him. The room 7, 8 and 9 children got to touch the hand cuffs. They felt cold.

I love when Constable Wall showed us the hand cuffs on Mrs Priemus.

I saw the police car and it was quiet .

Constable Wall came to school today. I like Police men because they watch out for robbers.

When Constable wall came to school he showed his handcuffs.

The police came to school yesterday to teach us about being a police man.